Sunday, August 21, 2016


The last Belgian movie I've seen is called Belgica, what else :p
When I was watching this movie, I got so hyped up to go out all night long. Because that's what the movie is about: the night scene in Ghent. It's so cool for me to see, because I studied for 4 years in Ghent, and this movie makes me melancholical for my student time. The plot could be more interesting, but the dark, cool atmosphere of the movie, is everything! Another plus? The dialects, I just love the different Flemish dialects ♡ Sex, drugs and rock 'n roll baby!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Insta-Me: February

I know it's almost September, but anyhow... I still wanted to share my favorite instagrams from February:

Me and my beautiful mom

Snapchat fun

New favorite robe + nomakeupfun

My friend's new puppy Frida

Mexican food

Touristy pic in Brussels with my old roommates from Almería
Julie's House in Ghent, a personal favorite of mine  

I love candy so much
New earrings

And new favorite pillow :D

As a big SATC fan, I was so happy when I found these pajamas! And they are soooo warm