Monday, July 28, 2014

Hotel Rwanda

I admit that I cry easily. Especially while watching movies or reading a book. Blame it on a high developed fantasy and empathy. But for Hotel Rwanda, you don't need fantasy, nor empathy. Because even a rock would cry while watching this movie. The reality is so gruesome and tragical, that the writer of this movie simply had to translate the real story of Paul Rusesabagina, a kind of African Oskar Schindler, into images. I remember that after seeing this movie, I called my mom in tears, yelling that the world is so unjust. And it is what it is. Just look what is happening right now in Ukraine and in Gaza. History repeats itself over and over again. When will we finally learn? Life would be so much easier if everyone tolerated its neighbour. But I guess it's in the human nature to discriminate and to be greedy. Fortunately, every genocide also tells the story about a hero, someone who has the courage to stand up who shows that humanity is never lost... Paul Rusesabagina is one of those heroes, you just have to watch for yourself...

Sunday, July 27, 2014


I'm such a sucker for musicals. I'm currently rediscovering all my favorites, amongst them Chicago. Going to watch Chicago on Broadway is ranking high on my bucket list. Although I don't know who could possibly be a better Velma Kelly than Catherine Zeta-Jones. Catherine is one of my favorite actresses out there: I love her powerful energy and the fact she seems so down to earth, although she's one of the most beautiful women on this planet. And be honest, a movie where you can see Richard Gere tapdance is a must see!


Saturday, July 26, 2014

Instagram me : June

My view at work:

I went to Dirty Dancing the Musical with the fam. Best musical I've ever seen, the casting was ridiculously amazing! And we had the best seats ever!

I'm really digging the fact we have a real summer going on in Belgium. Because summer = delicious food.

I love to combine girly with more boyish clothes ♥

 June was football month for sure. Still so proud of the Belgian Red Devils ♥

 I participated with my mom's work in the Hercules Trophy. And it was awesome! Vygon for Victory!

I'm so in love with this beautiful shirt I bought while being in Oaxaca

And I sure love it when friends bake sugary deliciousness for me :)

Words of wisdom from El Che

Chilling with mini me

I also attended a wedding from one of my colleagues! It was such a beautiful day and night! This is what I wore. I particulary love my hair and make up ♥

 Congratulations Celine and Bert! ♥

 And ofcourse, a couple of selfies!

I'm on a not spending budget right now. It sucks. But I couldn't resist these darling earrings ♥

I went eating to De Herborist, a very fancy restaurant. I had the most mindblowing dessert ever! Edible art it is!

And last but not least, let me take a selfie!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Nice : day 2

We began day 2 (and the last day already) with an obligatory selfie with the fam:

Long hair, don't care!

Nice is such a beautiful city! Even though the weather was gloomy during our stay, the city is so dreamy! I have to go back in Summer ♥

 My favorite spot? The harbor, without a doubt!

 sunglasses: Gucci // Shirt: H&M

Although ice cream is an Italian specialty, they sure know how to make ice cream in Nice.I couldn't decide on the flavor, so I ended up with 4(!) scoops! Woopsies!

At night I finally wore my new lace dress from Zara. My favorite dress ever, it's so classy yet with a bohemian vibe. I'm in love ♥

We went to the most charming fish restaurant, it was mindblowingly good! And I loved the mermaid sculptures♥

The parents ate the plat de fruits de mer, while I went for the fish tout court

 Afterwards I wanted a dessert. And boy, am I happy that I decided to order dessert. I ate the biggest and best moeulleux au chocolat ever! Seriously! Still dreaming about it ♥
 And before I forget, I also shopped a bit, these are my new babies:

Michael Kors stud bracelet that I was lusting over since Paris:
 H&M tops, Zara shorts

 So curious about this Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray! I had to try this after reading such good reviews!