Saturday, September 6, 2014

Kopenhagen : Day 8

A new day, a new museum. This time we went to a Greco-Roman museum. The museum felt like a sauna, the heat was horrible there. Although I love Ancient Greek and Roman art, we only lasted 20 minutes inside because it was unbearable!

After that ,we visited the gardens of the Botanical museum...

One thing I don't understand... What's up with the tombstones in a public park? :O

After that we went for some much needed froyo! I've been obsessed with froyo ever since I discovered this when I was living in Mexico!

Gotta love Copenhagen's words of wisdom:

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Kopenhagen : Day 7

The neighborhood where we stayed has the most amazing buildings ♥

On day 7 we visited one of Copenhagen's numerous castles

Dress : Tommy Hilfiger // sunnies : House of Harlow

 After that, we visited the library, it totally looked like a Harry Potter movie!

Copenhagen is a perfect blend between tradition and modern architecture. The University Library is the perfect example :

After another enourmous walk, I finally treated myself with the thing I was wanting to try since my trip to Milan : my own personalized magnum. And boy, I finally know what heaven tastes like. It was worth the money ♥ And yes, this is what utter happiness looks like.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Kopenhagen : Day 6

Day 6 started with some shopping at Urban Outfitters. I have such a weak spot for this shop, they have the coolest accessories ♥

We continued to explore Copenhagen

And I indulged in some chocolate.... Hey, I'm from Belgium, what do you expect?!

Copenhagen is such a hipster city, I love the cool boards everywhere ♥

We also visited the Copenhagen museum, you have to check it out if you're in town! It's a multicultural museum, they even had a Mexican corner, so I had to take a picture with the calaveras

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Kopenhagen : Day 5

The whole Kopenhagen trip was kinda exhausting, because we literally wanted to visit everything. And day 5 wasn't an exception. Our first stop was The Happy Wall, a very cool initiative which invites everyone to write message on the wall...

After that we went to Nyhavn, Copenhagen's harbor, where we took a boat trip to discover Copenhagen's numerous canals...

After that we went to visit Denmark's most famous landmark: The Little Siren. And boy is she little!

After that we discovered a nice and quiet place where they honor the fallen soldiers from different kind of wars. It was so beautiful and peaceful there.

I miss my bestie so much :(
dress: Sessùn // sunnies: RayBan