Sunday, May 1, 2016

Por la libre

My love for Mexico also means that I'm obsessed with the Mexican movie scene. Mexico has such great actors, writers and directors... And no, I'm not talking about the telenovelas. I just love that every movie seems to have a lot of desmadre in it. I'm sorry, I can't translate this word, but my Mexican readers will know what I'm talking about :) This also counts for Por La Libre, a movie that I discovered thanks to a friend of mine. It's about family, love, intrigues, fiesta y desmadre. I really have to go back to Mexico asap ♡ And guess what? The complete movie is available on Youtube! Yes!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Instagram : January '16

It has been ages since my last instagram post. But they're finally back baby!

And is there a better way to start a new year than with my most liked instagram of 2015? I think not:
The 1st of January is always spent the same way: food overload with the family! How good do these pies look? ♡

 How cute is my family ?! ♡

Two of my guilty pleasures in one photo

Blast from the past... Can you spot me?

Paradise bird... School assignment back in the day :)

Q'orianka Kilchern forever my favorite

Sushi ♡ California crispy rolls

My new favorite breakfast place in Ghent: Alice

In love with my new sweater from & other stories
I don't remember the name of the restaurant, but I loved the decor and the food, ofcourse...

 Fun at work in d'Arta... My coworkers are the best ♡ (search the photoshop, we didn't want to exclude our pregnant coworker)...
That's how we party at d'Arta:

First selfie of the year

A new iphone means a new cover, so obsessed with mine

I didn't know why I didn't watch Lost when it aired, biggest mistake of my life! Because now I'm watching, I'm totally obsessed and I can't geek out because everybody is already over it. Let me tell you, I have a new favorite series (I'm so sorry ER, still love you though) : LOST IS THE BEST SERIES EVER

Best moelleux ever in de Kronemolen:

I hope you liked this post, before I leave I want to post some serious Instagram inspiration. The first one is from Tara Milk Tea, so obsessed with her feed


Sunday, March 20, 2016

The New World

The first time I saw Disney's Pocahontas, I fell in love with not only the character of Pocahontas, but Native American culture in general. With the years, this love shifted more to Latin American indigenous culture. Hence my decision to study Master in Mexican Litterature, where I learnt a lot about the Mexican precolonial culture. But I still fill a very strong attraction to Native Americans, for sure because one of my ancestors was a Native American. I'm still so bummed out that I don't have raven dark hair like my mom.

Anyhow, Pocahontas will always be my rolemodel: as beautiful on the inside as on the outside, the utter respect she has for mother nature, her urge for freedom... A couple of years ago, they made this movie called The New World. It gives a more realistic approach to who Pocahontas really was, and although it's kinda depressing (apparently, true love just doesn't get a chance), I love it so much. My favorite part of the movie is when Pocahontas and John still live in Powhatan's tribe, life seems so idyllic there.

There is nobody who could have played John Smith better than Colin Farrell, he's got that brooding bad boy image going on, but you can't help falling in love with him. But the real star of the movie is Q'orianka Kilcher. Since I saw her in this movie, I'm kinda obsessed with her. How beautiful is she? She looks so naive and good and pure. Just wow. My favorite scene is when Smith is teaching her English and she learns him to greet in her language. Nobody could play Pocahontas like she does: how she walks, how she talks the native language... Give that girl an Oscar already!

Saturday, March 19, 2016


When I was a little girl, I was obsessed with anything magic: fairies, trolls, witches... You name it, I loved it! And this love for all things magical only grew with the years. So you can only imagine what a great impact Disney made on me. Thanks to Netflix (yes, I FINALLY got Netflix), I discovered Disney's new movie about Cinderella. When I was little, I wasn't really a "disney princess" kinda girl. I was the one that was obsessed with Pocanhontas and Ariel. But I'm reconsidering my interest in Cinderella: a girl with a heart of gold, whose friends are animals and with a fond believe in magic? I think I have a new rolemodel!

I can't even start to explain how much I love this movie: they casted the sweetest and most beautiful Cinderella ever, the costumes are breathtaking, the scenery is just perfect... God I love this movie! And two of my favorite leading ladies are in it: Cate Blanchett (my alltime favorite!) plays the wicked stepmother, which is kind of a pity, because I prefer to see her in nice roles. She's just the most beautiful and sweetest actress out there! But she plays such a bad stepmother, I really hated her! And ofcourse, Helena Bonham Carter does an excelent job as the fairy godmother. I mean, what actress could do this role more justice than Helena?! She's so funny and her mimic is priceless. And if you're still not convinced to see this movie... Prince Charming doesn't like bad at all... ;)

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

I am Number Four

I am Number Four is like the movie version of Roswell. That's not entirely true, Roswell is THE BEST ♥
But this movie is still nice though. It was nice to see some of my favorite heartthrobs back : Alex Pettyfer, Dianna Agron and one of my new favorites: Teresa Palmer! That girl is badass! Has anybody read the books yet? Are they any good? I'm contemplating whether I put them on my never ending book list...


Monday, March 7, 2016

Age of Adeline

I can only imagine how hard it has to be to lose the love of your life. So imagine, that you have to lose the love of your life over and over again, because you're not aging. Not possible! I know, but it is possible in the Age of Adeline. The Age of Adeline is a romantic, heartbreaking movie, in the tradition of The Notebook. Adeline is portrayed by Blake Lively, how beautiful can someone be? I mean, it's so not fair! My favorite part of the movie, except for the heartbreaking romance? Blake's amazing hair styles and outfits through the different eras. The most shocking part of the movie? My realization that I can't have one sexy, intelligent, funny man in my life, and Miss Blake has a dozen. Again, not fair... ;)

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Hunger Games: the end

An era has come to its end: The Hunger Games are no more. I'm kinda sad that we'll never hear of Katniss again. Fortunately, I haven't read the books yet (I know, shame on me), so I'm still in for a treat. The Hunger Games will always be the movies that made me fall in love with Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth. About the movie itself... Man, how good are those gamemakers... I'm so fascinated by their creations, although they're highly sadistic. The sweetest moment? Finnick and Annie's wedding! I still hate that Finnick had to die :( I'm glad that the group decided to not do a last Hunger Games with the children of the Capitol, it's crazy that humanity wins after such suffering. In my opinion, if there would have been a last Hunger Games, it would last for 30 minutes, since all the Capitol's children aren't used to struggle to live...