Thursday, July 24, 2014

Nice : day 2

We began day 2 (and the last day already) with an obligatory selfie with the fam:

Long hair, don't care!

Nice is such a beautiful city! Even though the weather was gloomy during our stay, the city is so dreamy! I have to go back in Summer ♥

 My favorite spot? The harbor, without a doubt!

 sunglasses: Gucci // Shirt: H&M

Although ice cream is an Italian specialty, they sure know how to make ice cream in Nice.I couldn't decide on the flavor, so I ended up with 4(!) scoops! Woopsies!

At night I finally wore my new lace dress from Zara. My favorite dress ever, it's so classy yet with a bohemian vibe. I'm in love ♥

We went to the most charming fish restaurant, it was mindblowingly good! And I loved the mermaid sculptures♥

The parents ate the plat de fruits de mer, while I went for the fish tout court

 Afterwards I wanted a dessert. And boy, am I happy that I decided to order dessert. I ate the biggest and best moeulleux au chocolat ever! Seriously! Still dreaming about it ♥
 And before I forget, I also shopped a bit, these are my new babies:

Michael Kors stud bracelet that I was lusting over since Paris:
 H&M tops, Zara shorts

 So curious about this Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray! I had to try this after reading such good reviews!

Monday, July 21, 2014

Nice : Day 1

This year, I celebrated Easter in Nice with the family. Although we didn't have much luck with the weather, we had an amazing time!

The day began good in the business lounge, free food! :)

Airplane view

The French have without a doubt the best architecture ♥

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Instagram me : May

I have totally neglected my blog these last months, but I have a valid reason! I was so busy at work that when I came home at night, the last thing I wanted to do was to blog about my boring life. Ok, that isn't a valid reason, but I'm back babies! And to celebrate my return, I'll show you what went on in my life through the filters of instagram :

My favorite flower Blauwe regen (literally Blue Rain) at my parents' house

In May we celebrated the birthday of the most beautiful mexicana whom I can call one of my best friends! Feliz cumpleaños Giannina!

My favorite candy

Calavera earrings ♥

In love with my kimono. And yes, I totally woke up like this.

 Magnum + crème brûlée = heaven

Healthier than this you won't see around me.

Conversations with the bestie ♥
The rest of the pictures are taken in Kopenhagen, I'll do an extra post about my little trip :)

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Lucía y el sexo

This movie is a classic of Spanish Cinema. It took me a while to see it, and I'm happy for that. It's a very complex movie and the older you are, the better you get it. Or that's my opinion, at least.
 The protagonist, Paz Vega, embodies the image I have of the sensual, Spanish woman perfectly. If you're a sucker for Spanish movies, you gotta see this one!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Machine Gun Preacher

In Machine Gun Preacher, Gerard Butler plays a man with a bad history, changing for the good. By coincidence, he goes to Africa in order to better his life. All the cruelty he sees there changes him for good, and he decides to help the weakest : the children. I like the fact that the movie shows us how thin the line is between being good and bad. When is it allowed to use violence? The greatest thing about this movie is that it's actually based on an existing person, who is still in Africa, delivering a constant battle to keep the little ones safe.

Big props to Gerard Butler, who does a great job showing the difficulty to stay on the right track. I was also pleasantly surprised to see Michelle Monaghan, she's a favorite of mine since The Heartbreak Kid and Made of Honor!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Paris is always a good idea

It already seems ages ago, but I went to Paris in March! My partner in crime? My sweet mom ♥

What's a better way to start a Paris trip than with a selfie?!

We ate waffles with chocolate sauce as breakfast #woops

Paris is without a doubt one of the most beautiful cities of the world: the amazing architecture, the chique shops, the macarons... ♥

I was wearing : sunnies: RayBan // Scarf: Alexander McQueen // Bag: Mulberry // blazer: H&M // Sweater: Primark // Shoes: AllStars

Even hamburgers look chiquer in Paris ♥

And ofcourse we shopped. A lot.

Chanel does the best wrapping ♥

A must when in France? Eating the divine moeulleux au chocolat ♥

In love with my new Miu Miu sunglasses ♥

Please, take me back now ♥

We seem to always end up in Hard Rock for the last dinner ♥

We had such good weather while in Paris! So hot that I "had to" buy a shirt, because I was dying in my warm clothes. I'm so in love with my new Virgen de Guadalupe shirt! ♥

Last but not least, I wanted to show you what I bought at Chanel: the classic Chanel flats in electric blue, my favorite color! I'm so over the moon happy ♥