Saturday, August 16, 2014

Kopenhagen : Day 5

The whole Kopenhagen trip was kinda exhausting, because we literally wanted to visit everything. And day 5 wasn't an exception. Our first stop was The Happy Wall, a very cool initiative which invites everyone to write message on the wall...

After that we went to Nyhavn, Copenhagen's harbor, where we took a boat trip to discover Copenhagen's numerous canals...

After that we went to visit Denmark's most famous landmark: The Little Siren. And boy is she little!

After that we discovered a nice and quiet place where they honor the fallen soldiers from different kind of wars. It was so beautiful and peaceful there.

I miss my bestie so much :(
dress: Sessùn // sunnies: RayBan

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Kopenhagen : Day 4

Day 4 was a quiet day, which was highly appreciated. By my feet, blisters everywhere, the joy! I fell in love with a hamburger place in our street, so bummed that we didn't check it out :(

We checked the Copenhagen museum out, a must see! And it's free! I learnt so much about the Danish culture, I was embarassed that I literally didn't know a thing about Northern Europe.

After that I totally caved for a hamburger. What's up with the high prices in Copenhagen? Everything is so expensive here!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Kopenhagen : Day 3

On the third day, I decided to do something I already wanted to do for a long time : dipdye my hair :)
I was so happy with the result! ♥
After that we continued to roam around Copenhagen. I'm obsessed with all the pretty graffiti out there♥

I just love to discover a city without a purpose, that's when you discover the most beautiful spots. Like the garden of Copenhagen library, my favorite spot ♥

I was wearing an Urban Outfitter top 

After our picknick at the garden, we visited another church. I really love the fact that elephants are incorporated everywhere!

After that we indulged in the best pastries ever! How good does this look, seriously! ♥

That day we also went to Christiania, a hippy community that acts like a independent state in Copenhagen. You can read its history here. Unfortunately it's forbidden taking pictures inside the community, so this is all I got :D

After that, we cooked some delicious tacos to go with our SATC marathon :)


Sunday, August 3, 2014

Kopenhagen : Day 2 : Malmö

On day 2 we left Kopenhagen ánd Denmark for a daytrip to Malmö, Sweden. That way we could say that we visited 2 countries at once ;)

Ofcourse we had to make a quick stop at H&M. Thank you Sweden for bringing H&M in our lives :)
I felt in love with a flower crown ♥ In my opinion it's the best accessory for Summer!

Sweden also had a wall of wisdom :)

At Malmö, we saw an ordinary church that wasn't really spectacular from the outside. But I was so happy that I've entered, never in my life I saw a church like this. There were plenty of Mason symbols, it was so light and pretty.

 The rest of the day we spent walking. Lots of walking. Here are a couple of shots to give you an impression of the city:

Shirt: Urban Outfitters // Sweater: Puma // Sandals: Birkenstock // Sunnies: House of Harlow

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Kopenhagen : Day 1

A couple of months ago, I went on holiday to Copenhagen with my bestie. It was my first time in Northern Europe! I wasn't prepared at all for the hot temperatures, since it was only May! But it was highly appreciated, Summer lurked everywhere!

 On the first day, we went to visit the Carlsberg region. Yes, like in the famous Carlsberg brewery! I particularly loved the huge elephants on the main entrance, totally made me think of Moulin Rouge!

After that we continued discovering the city

 I was wearing a H&M top, Birkenstock sandals and House of Harlow sunnies

Copenhagen is full of cute, hipster restaurants and bars! Love it!

I have this strange t shirt obsession, I have literally hundreds of them! And a separate collection of t shirts that I use to sleep. When I came across this cute store with funny shirts, I couldn't contain myself...