Friday, April 30, 2010

Cute celebrity babies

I love babies and little children o so much! Whenever someone around me is pregnant, or someone in my favorite series for that matter, I'm longing for a kid of my own. Ofcourse, I'm way to young (in my opinion) right now, but that doesn't mean that I can't dream away about cute little ones ^_^ One of my favorite sites is, they follow every step of the most famous cuties and their parents. A couple of days ago, I read on this site that Sandra Bullock had adopted a baby boy whos name is Louis Bardo Bullock.

I mean O MY GOD, this has to be the cutest baby ever! He's so perfect! I'm so glad for Sandra, I really hope that this little man can bring her the joy that she deserves. She's going to make a great mom!
Although there are so many cute celeb kids, I kinda have my favorites. I really like Olive Fisher (mom: Isla Fisher, dad: Sasha Baron Cohen)

But my favorite is Harlow Winter Kate Madden (mom: Nicole Richie, dad: Joel Madden) She's so damn cute! She's really the spitting image of her mother! I love her cute curls, and ofcourse the tutu ^_^ I know that many people don't like her name, but I kinda love it. Her baby brother also got a cool name: Sparrow James Midnight Madden

They are like the coolest family ever! How cute is Harlow in this pic =) and little Sparrow will be a total heartbreaker, I can tell already ^_^

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Rocker in the Rinse Cycle (SPOILERS)

I really had great expectations from this episode. I mean come on, Hot Blooded people?! And I was very curious about the whole Catfish debacle. But the epi turned out to be a bit of a disapointment for me. Ok, it's obvious that Brennan isn't that comfortable with Booth dating other women, hence the constant referring to the Catfish when Sweets is around, but I honestly kinda hoped to see more hurt puppy faces from Brennan. Fortunately, Brennan's little chat with Cam (I don't love Hacker like Booth... I mean, how Booth wants to love someone) made it all up. Bones is so confused and vulnerable, it's so obvious that she loves Booth, but that she's repressing these feelings in the hope that she will never loose him. But sweetie, reality check, sometimes you have to take the brain and put it in neutral. And then take the heart, and put it in overdrive. I think we're really in need of a 'Angela confronts Bones with the reality' talk!
But let's talk about the 'Hot Blooded' scene. It was so so endearing: 'Bones, they're playing our song'. And then Booth singing and Bones working the guitar ^_^ It was one of those moments that made me nostalgic to the good old days. It was so cute that when they got new information, they kept playing their song =)

But what I liked the most in this epi was Cam's storyline. I mean finally! Cam is such a beautiful, funny and outgoing woman, she really deserves some action =) And I was so glad to see how good her relationship with Michelle is right now. Cam deserves to be happy, and I hope that HH will be paying more attention to her from now on!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Classic beauties: Ashley Greene

Since I'm in a Twilight mood, I'm going to dedicate this post to one of the beautiful vamps (pun intended ^_^ ) from Twilight. I present you the talented Ashley Greene =) When I first saw a picture of her saying she played in Twilight, I really didn't know that she portrayed Alice. She looks so different in real life! I have to say that I'm very pleased with the evolution that Alice has made in New Moon, she looks way more prettier than in the first movie! Fingers crossed for Eclipse! My favorite Alice scene is when she comes to visit Bella after Edward went to the Volturi. Her Jacob comments are priceless :D They make me long after some Rosalie and Jacob fights =)

Here are some of my favorite pics of Ashley. I think she's so versatile as a model! And I'm really into her casual style!

I'm in love with the necklace she's wearing here!

These six last pics are just unreal! So beautiful!
And ofcourse, I had to add a picture of Ashley with her cutie Marlo ^_^

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Anna Kendrick

When I read the Twilight novels, I honestly didn't like the character of Jessica very much. That was until I saw the movie, because Jessica is freakin' hilarious in it! I love the way Anna Kendrick has portrayed her, her oneliners are one of the best of the saga! The scene in which she describes the Cullen family to Bella is legendary! And in New Moon, it even gets better ( o yes I'm talking about the biker scene) ^_^ I hope we're gonna see some more Jessica in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn

I really got interested in Anna Kendrick when I found out that she was costarring George Clooney in 'Up in the Air'. I know I know, George is too old for me blabla, but he's my biggest crush ever! I immediately fell in love with him the second I saw Doug Ross in ER, he's so irresistebly charming *siiiigh*
Anna is just so so good in this film, her crying scene with Clooney is priceless!
I'm looking forward to her future projects!
But not only she's a great actress (oscar nomination people!), she really looks like a cool and sweet girl. She looks so genuine and laid-back, qualities that are very rare in Hollywood.
These are a couple of my favorite pics from my girl Anna =)

And my favorite:

She looks amazing here! So in love with the lace top!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Series to die for: Ally McBeal

When I was young, I used to watch to Ally Mcbeal, but I wasn't a huge fan. But a couple of years ago, I bought the complete series for almost no money and began to watch from the beginning. O M G. Ally Mcbeal has to be one of the best series ever! I love the sarcastic humor, the fishisms, Ally's neurotic behaviour and love troubles o so much!

And man, Ally had her share of love troubles with some really hot guys ^_^ This is my top 3 of favorite Ally McBeal men:

On three, there's Victor Morrison aka Hot Plumber aka Jon Bon Jovi. He's Ally's last boyfriend on the show, and he was such a sweetheart. Hence the problem, Ally doesn't want sweet and easy, but passionate and impossible love!

On the second place is Billy Thomas, Ally's childhood sweetheart. I love seeing Billy and Ally together, but face it, Billy has been a douchbag to her: dumping her to marry Georgia (read: Barbie), confessing that he still loves her when she's in a happy relationship, and eventually dying immediately after he confessed in the court room that she is and always be his one and only love. Although I've watched this scene already a thousand times, I still cry like crazy when I see it =) But still, Billy will be Billy, he's just so charming and you can see that he cares so deeply for Ally. It's so obvious that he's still hurting over the fact that he left her, only because he thought it's impossible to find true love at age seven.

When Billy died, I almost stopped watching. I'm so glad I didn't, otherwise I wouldn't have witnessed the most beautiful and hartbreaking relationship from the show, the relationship of Ally and Larry that is. Until the day of today, I'm still in love with Larry Paul, portrayed by Robert Downey Jr. I was/am so obsessed with his sexy black glasses, his witty comments and his amazing piano and singing qualities! To me (and Ally), he's mister perfect. When he sings, I just melt away (and even more when he's joined in a duet by Sting himself). He was just so funny and caring! I hope that one day, I'll experience such a passionate love like they did. Unfortunately, Mr Downey was addicted to drugs back then, so his character was written out of the show. Damn you Robert! Rumor has it that if this wouldn't have happened, Ally would have married him and they would've been happily ever after. But this obviously didn't happen, thank you Robert, and Larry left her instead to be with his son. Poor Ally =(

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Genious directors: Tim Burton

Movies are one of my greatest passions. I have a "modest" list of favorite actors and directors, and one of them is Tim Burton. The first time I saw one of his movies was actually in highschool. When I saw Edward Scissorhands, I was very impressed with both Johnny Depp and Tim Burton. And 'til the day of today, I remain a huge fan of their work. They're just a golden duo! And I even like it more when Helena Bonham Carter is part of the cast. I absolutely heart that woman! She's just so peculiar in a really really good way. I think she's one of the best actresses of all times!
If I had to choose my top 3 of favorite Tim Burton movies, I would choose his most recent movie, Alice in Wonderland as my number 3. Reasons? I just love the costumes and the decors, it's so unreal! The movie is like a magic couture show, set in Wonderland.

And ofcourse, the acting was incredible. No less than four of my favorite actors were in it!

Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter

Stephen Fry as the Cheshire Cat

Michael Sheen as the White Rabbit

Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen. She was my favorite character in this movie. She's just HI LA RIOUS =) She so so rude, I like it! Here are one of my favorite scenes with her:

My second favorite Tim Burton movie is Sleepy Hollow. I loved the whole gothic approach and I was even scared during the movie (maybe because I was rather young back then ^_^) Johnny's and Christina's acting were marvelous, as always!

But my all time favorite is Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. OMG, this movie is so perfect, it combines all the things I like to see in movies: handsome bitter men, theatrical songs and blood ^_^ I like to listen to the Sweeney Todd cd on my mp3 and sing along! And yes people look weird when they hear me sing about scissors being my friends ^_^ Here are my favorite songs from the movie:

I mean wow! Sacha Baron Cohen is genious as Pirelli =)Very impressive singing!

I like this song so much =)

But the best thing about the movie is Jamie Campbell Bower!! I absolutely heart him, he's so so hot! And when he sings, I just melt away ^_^ And for the people who're wondering, yes Jamie plays Caius Volturi in Twilight =)
What are your favorite Burton movies? x

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The new trailer of Eclipse is finally here!

As you may or may not know, I'm a huge Twilightfan. That's right, I'm one of those Twihards! Although I love the romance in the books/movies, I'm much more interested in the whole "vampire kick ass" thing. I'm one of those people who love large battle sequences, with dramatic music and people who join forces at the last moment to beat the enemy. Think Helm's Deep in LOTR or the Freedom scene from Braveheart. That's why I'm so excited about Eclipse. Because, my loves, it will be badass :D I want to see the Cullens from their wildest side! Much more sexier than the whole vampire picture perfect thing! Can't wait when the movie comes out!

While the first trailer was mushy mushy, the new trailer really seems very cool! And o my Hale! I'm so glad with Jasper's little metamorphosis ^_^ Aside from the battle sequences, I'm most looking forward to Rosalie's and Jasper's background stories. I'm happy that Eclipse will give the opportunity to focus more on the Cullen's, because I love their family dynamic. I just love all the Cullen's, it would be imposible for me to choose one of them as my favorite. And ok ok, the werewolves look badass too, can't forget about them =) But no misunderstandings here, I run with vampires and I'm Team Edward, all the way baby =)

And this is the first trailer, I really love the instrumental music!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Classic beauties: Alexis Bledel

Although I relate much more to Lorelai Gilmore than Rory, I think Alexis Bledel is worth a closer look. She's one of those timeless women, a classic beauty with a flawless figure. I think she looks so angelic, so pure and serene! I love it when there's a new photoshoot of her, she always lifts it up to another level. But the thing I like most about her, are her eyes! They are the most beautiful blue ever!

As sweetie pie Rory Gilmore

She really looks like the sweetest thing =)

Here are a couple of my favorite pictures of her

I mean wow! Hello Audrey Hepburn!

I love this photoshoot so much! I'm sensing a Spanish vibe here =)
And por supuesto, she's buddies with my man Adam Brody ^_^

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand she had an on-screen AND off-screen relationship with Jess Mariano/Milo Ventimiglia... How lucky can one girl be?!