Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Predator in the pool (SPOILERS)

So I watched the new episode of Bones, and it made me feel very uncomfortable =( I hate it that Booth and Bones are dating other people, it's just not right. And Booth and Bones chatting about their dates, awkward very awkward. I really don't like Catherine Bryar (played by Rena Sofer), she seems a tad hooker-ish in the epi. But who I really don't like is Hacker, Bones' "love interest". I mean come on, he's just ugly! And corny! And o so not worth of Bones. I mean come on, how can she date him and not Booth?! Yes I know, she dates him because she doesn't feel any emotional connection with him and can't be hurt be him bla bla bla. Hart Hanson better give me a tearful season finale with Bones chasing after Booth to give them a chance!

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