Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bones: The Parts in the Sum of the Whole (SPOILERS)

Okay, I'm seriously pissed off right now =( As you may have noticed, Bones is my favorite series at the moment. But I'm just fed up with the "will they, won't they" between Bones and Booth. They're like perfect for each other, and you can see so clearly that they're in love. In this epi, Booth finally found the courage to confess his love to Bones, hell he even kissed her! But was does Bones do... freak out and tell him that they can't be together because she has to protect him from herself... aaargh... seriously =(
I have to add that Hart Hanson, the creator of Bones, said that the fans will get very angry with him, but that at the end of the season, we will be very very pleased. So, I've been thinking that Bones really does love Booth, but she's just too afraid to open up to him and eventually loosing him. In one of the next episodes, there will be a new love interest for Booth, who isn't that different from Bones. I really hope that the traditional jealousy wil kick in, and that Bones will realize what she's about to lose. In the season finale, Bones has plans to leave the U.S., but will be stopped by Hodgins to confront her with her feelings she's having for Booth. I don't really know how Hodgins will fit into the picture (hopefully because he reunites with Angela and sees how miserable Booth is without Bones), but I really hope that for once and for all, she will open up to Booth. I don't need a sex scene nor another kiss, but I think it would be perfect if Bones simply said to Booth: "I want to give us a shot too"... and then the screen fades away...
I really think that this series could continue to work when the two main characters are in a relationship. So I really hate the idea to end the series when they'll get together. I mean, Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz have such a great chemistry, it would be great to see their characters in a relationship, and maybe later with a baby Booth/Bones... OK, now I'm dreaming ^_^

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