Friday, April 16, 2010

The Death of the Queen Bee (SPOILERS)

So I watched the new Bones episode. Although I knew from the beginning who was the murderer, I really liked the epi. Robert Englund (Nightmare on Elm Street) was perfect for the role of the creepy janitor, loved his acting =) But let's skip to the juicy parts, because we have to admit, we all watch because we want to see every week's Booth and Bones moment =) I was glad that there was another Booth and Bones undercover mision (remember Tony and Roxy, Wanda and Buck Moosejaw :D)But in this epi, it was kinda sad, because Booth was really hurting over what took place in the previous epi. It was so sad to see, Bones wanted to slowdance on Seal, and Booth just didn't know what to do. When she began to cry a little, he just hugged her and let her dance with him. But it's really not fair to Booth, that Bones keeps running to him whenever there is something wrong. JUST GIVE HIM A CHANCE TEMPERANCE !! She looks so happy when they dance together, it's like picture perfect! I really hope that at the end of this season, she will realize that she can't live without Booth...

But let's talk about the most embarassing moment of the epi, o yes baby, the Booth and Bones goofy dance! O M G ^_^ They are the worst dancers EVER

It was even worse then that time they were dancing and singing "Hot Blooded" together! Those were the times... They're so perfect together, they've even got the same dorky dance moves ^_^ I don't know about David Boreanaz, but judging from her appearance on The Ellen Show, Emily Deschanel really is a dorky dancer!! And I love it ^_^

And my favorite promo ever

In the next episode, Booth will get a new love interest and Bones will date Hacker again... MAJOR VOMIT ALERT !!

No Bones, it's NOT OK to talk like this!!

Here are a couple of youtube videos that absolutely prove that Bones and Booth belong together =)

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