Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Anna Kendrick

When I read the Twilight novels, I honestly didn't like the character of Jessica very much. That was until I saw the movie, because Jessica is freakin' hilarious in it! I love the way Anna Kendrick has portrayed her, her oneliners are one of the best of the saga! The scene in which she describes the Cullen family to Bella is legendary! And in New Moon, it even gets better ( o yes I'm talking about the biker scene) ^_^ I hope we're gonna see some more Jessica in Eclipse and Breaking Dawn

I really got interested in Anna Kendrick when I found out that she was costarring George Clooney in 'Up in the Air'. I know I know, George is too old for me blabla, but he's my biggest crush ever! I immediately fell in love with him the second I saw Doug Ross in ER, he's so irresistebly charming *siiiigh*
Anna is just so so good in this film, her crying scene with Clooney is priceless!
I'm looking forward to her future projects!
But not only she's a great actress (oscar nomination people!), she really looks like a cool and sweet girl. She looks so genuine and laid-back, qualities that are very rare in Hollywood.
These are a couple of my favorite pics from my girl Anna =)

And my favorite:

She looks amazing here! So in love with the lace top!


  1. i still haven't seen new moon.. but i have to agree that the first twilight definitely was filled with comic relief!

  2. Then you really have to see new moon! It has way more comic relief than the first one! x


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