Tuesday, April 6, 2010

2010 Oscars Dresses

I know it's been a while, but I was watching the Red Carpet Dresses from the Oscars and I want to share my favorite dresses of 2010.I have to say that I'm really disapointed this year. I've seen a lot of ugly dresses, and the ones that I did like where very plain and not that wow-ish...

My favorite dress was worn by the lovely Anna Kendrick. She looked so beautiful and princess-like, and the pinkish color really complemented her pale skin.

There are a couple of dresses that I liked, but they were to much a safe bet. It's the Oscars for christ sake!

I really liked the dress Cameron Diaz was wearing: very elegant and I love the golden beading

Penelope, mi amor, you can do so much better than this! The dress looks way to old for her. I wanted her to show of those sexy curves and to wear her hair down in curls. Now, she just looks like an old maiden

Kristen Stewart finally changed her punk outfits for a real Red Carpet dress (although I thought her MTV Movie awards 2009 outfit was pretty cool). But again, the hair! She would've looked so much hotter and most of all younger, when she would've worn her hair down. Now, she just doesn't look like the Kristen we all know and love.

The next two dresses are wonderful in theory, but there was just something that didn't fit the picture

I didn't like the one shoulder thing very much. It kind of ruined the dress for me.

I simply heart Sandra Bullock. She looked absolutely amazing at the Golden Globes and the SAG awards. But her Oscars dress is just to matchy matchy with the Oscar Statuette itself ^^ This just isn't a Sandy-dress and she doesn't look comfortable at all.

Sometimes, I really don't know what Rachel McAdams and Diane Kruger are thinking. They're both so beautiful and then they decide to wear a dress in a color that simply doesn't work for them. I really hope that next year, they'll choose a dress in a more flattering color.

But the price for ugliest dress goes to Vera Farmiga. Sorry Vera, you know I love you, but WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?! The color did look good on her, but the dress is just ugly! It reminds me of the first season of Project Runway, when Starr made a "cancer dress". And this association isn't a good one... There's just to much going on! Vera is a classic beauty and classic beauties need classic dresses with a simple cut!

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