Monday, September 30, 2013

The Olsens

This has to be the coolest interactive video ever! So original! ♥

Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Box

I actually thought that this would be a lame movie. But since I had a crush on James Marsden when he played in Ally McBeal, I wanted to see this movie anyway. I know that everybody thinks Cameron Diaz is smoking hot, but I don't share this opinion. But in this movie she looked so beautiful, wow! She really delivered a great job as an actress as well.

The box is a pretty disturbing movie, in a good way. When the film was done, I actually felt bad. This movie has so many metaphors, which I like in a movie. I immediately asked me the question: would I push the button? It's easy to say: I would never do such thing. But I think many people would do it.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Willy's en Marjetten

This post is for my Dutch readers. Flemish humour is the best!
Willys en Marjetten is my favorite Flemish series of all times! Whenever I feel sad, I look at an episode and I'm crying happy tears ♥

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Anna Kendrick and cups

I wanna be besties with Anna Kendrick :( She has to be the cutest and coolest girl on the block! I love her so much, she seems so down to earth! ♥

When I was in Madrid I finally saw Pitch Perfect! It was soooooo good! Anna ánd Rebel Wilson in one movie stands for awesomeness ♥

P.S. I can't get enough of the Cups song. I warn you, it's pretty addictive!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Aaaah Penelope Cruz. Back when her English was even worse! But that's what makes her so adorable. Penelope is my favorite Spanish actress for sure ♥
I loved the movie, in particularly the great combination between action and humor.
And before I forget, Matthew McConaughey and his amazing body were also a big bonus ;)

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Percy Jackson and the lightning thief

I'm such a sucker for mythological movies! And totally loving the demi-god thing! This kind of movies should be obligatory in school! 

This movie has such an amazing cast! Alexandra Daddario as Athena's daughter kicks ass ♥ But let's not forget about the protagonist. I'm such a huge fan of Logan Lerman since I've watched The Perks of being a Wallflower! And what a surprising cameo for Uma Thurman :D

Monday, September 23, 2013

Last Sunday in Ghent

Last Sunday we went to the most beautiful spot in Ghent : het Begijnhof. It's almost as pretty as in Bruges there. Almost.

Bag : Alexander Wang
Trench coat : Esprit

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Madrid Day 6

On my last day in Madrid we went to the El Retiro park.

As you see, Mexico is always on my mind ♥

After El Retiro... we went shopping for the very last time. Madrid is truly a shopping heaven ♥

 After that, we went for some frozen yoghurt and a smoothie! I'm obsessed with froyo ♥

Madrid looks so beautiful by night ♥

Before going out for the last time, we ate at our favorite Mexican restaurant, la Rosa Negra, again.

Afterwards, we went to a Jazz Café! Makes me want to play the piano again ♥

We ended up dancing the night away! Missing my bestie so much right now :(

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Madrid Day 5

Finally, my headpiece from Urban Outfitters came to a good use! I'm obsessed with it, instant bohémienne vibe! ♥

One of the traditions that my bestie and I have is going to HardRock Café, for the delicious mac&cheese.

And although we were completely full, we decided on taking a 'little dessert'... heaven ♥

And after that calory bomb, we finally hit the center for some touristy stuff!

 Sunglasses: RayBan
Headpiece: Urban Outfitters

Friday, September 20, 2013

Madrid Day 4

I absolutely felt in love with my besties neighborhood. El barrio de las Letras has such a bohemienne vibe, I could easily picture myself living here. Never say never... ♥

 One of the many perks of being with my bff is the fact that the girl is totally gifted! In many ways, but particularly in being my personal hairdresser. I'm obsessed with the Frida Kahlo hairstyle she gave me ♥

Seriously! Obsessed with my girl's barrio

Another shopping day! This time we went to the mall. This doesn't seem Madrid anymore!

I completely fell in love with this bunny ♥

And ofcourse we stopped at Häagen Dasz. I now know how heaven tastes. Heaven tastes like salted caramel ♥

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Madrid Day 3

On Day 3 we wandered around in Madrid

We went to the Plaza Mayor. Not for a relaxing cup of café con leche, lo siento Ana Botella! But for the famous bocadillo de calamares!

And for dessert we went for some delicious froyo at LlaoLlao ♥

And I discovered the cutest shop ever, it's called Kling! I'm obsessed with all the beautiful dresses they sell ♥

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Madrid Day 2

My first morning in Spain was spent with a major hangover u_u

But hot chocolate did the trick and we went visiting the Prado Museum, because I wanted to see one of my favorite paintings: Las Meninas from Diego Velázquez.

Although I have a very classical taste in Art, I'm also a fond lover of graffiti!

After the Prado Museum, a friend asked me on What's App what I was doing in Madrid. I got to know my friend when I lived in Almería and last February I visited her in Leeds, where she was doing a practice. Turns out she was in Madrid as well, for one day only, before leaving for Chicago, where she's gonna stay for one entire year! Ah faith ♥

That's how I went for tapas with my 2 Raquels from Tenerife. Love them, they're so gorgeous. I'm gonna cherish this picture forever ♥

And to end an amazing day, I ate my guilty pleasure from when I lived in Almería! Maxibon Cookie! To die for ♥