Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Madrid Day 2

My first morning in Spain was spent with a major hangover u_u

But hot chocolate did the trick and we went visiting the Prado Museum, because I wanted to see one of my favorite paintings: Las Meninas from Diego Velázquez.

Although I have a very classical taste in Art, I'm also a fond lover of graffiti!

After the Prado Museum, a friend asked me on What's App what I was doing in Madrid. I got to know my friend when I lived in Almería and last February I visited her in Leeds, where she was doing a practice. Turns out she was in Madrid as well, for one day only, before leaving for Chicago, where she's gonna stay for one entire year! Ah faith ♥

That's how I went for tapas with my 2 Raquels from Tenerife. Love them, they're so gorgeous. I'm gonna cherish this picture forever ♥

And to end an amazing day, I ate my guilty pleasure from when I lived in Almería! Maxibon Cookie! To die for ♥

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