Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Madrid Day 1

I'm back since yesterday. While I was having a blast in Madrid, it seems that Autumn has arrived in Belgium. I totally hate it and it makes me miss Spain even more :( Time spent with my bestie is always over in no time, hate it! But we're already planning our next trip together ♥

Beautiful Madrid ♥

We went to the coolest Mexican restaurant, la Rosa Negra! They even have Salsa Valentina ♥

And immediately after that, we went shopping! Ofcourse! This has to be the coolest scales ever!

 And we felt very girly so we bought Hello Kitty toilet paper ♥

After the shopping we went out! First stop: el Tigre for tapas and liters of calimocho ♥

 And then it was time to hit the discoteca ;) where we met that guy from the Hangover. Kinda.

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