Friday, September 20, 2013

Madrid Day 4

I absolutely felt in love with my besties neighborhood. El barrio de las Letras has such a bohemienne vibe, I could easily picture myself living here. Never say never... ♥

 One of the many perks of being with my bff is the fact that the girl is totally gifted! In many ways, but particularly in being my personal hairdresser. I'm obsessed with the Frida Kahlo hairstyle she gave me ♥

Seriously! Obsessed with my girl's barrio

Another shopping day! This time we went to the mall. This doesn't seem Madrid anymore!

I completely fell in love with this bunny ♥

And ofcourse we stopped at Häagen Dasz. I now know how heaven tastes. Heaven tastes like salted caramel ♥

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