Saturday, July 24, 2010


Hi guys! Tomorrow I'm leaving for the Canary Islands. First I'm going a week to Fuerteventura, and afterwards I'm going another week to Tenerife before heading back home! I can't wait♥ It'll be two weeks of paradise: sea, sun and lots of fiestas ^_^
I'll not be able to update, but please check my blog again starting from the 10th of august! Besito x

Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer Shoplog

Finally I've found the time to make a shoplog. During the exams, my mom always comforts me by taking me on shopping trips, and I gotta say, it really pays off ^_^
These are my purchases from june and july =)

I know Birkenstocks aren't the most flattering sandals, but I just fell in love with their comfort =) Whenever my feet are way to aching from stiletto abuse, I put these honeys on and the pain magically disappears ^_^ I liked both pairs, so my sweet mother gave them to me. What?! Birkenstocks are an investment! Whatever... ^_^

And in the sales, I bought Tommy Hilfiger shoes. I couldn't find a pic of my shoes, but they look a lot like these (although mine are completely white and much more beautiful :D) They're so comfy♥

I also bought these incredible Roxy sandals, I was looking for that kind of sandals for ages! I'm absolutely in love with them, I'm wearing them all the time♥ I especially love the details on the ankle!

And I couldn't resist buying flipflops either ^_^ But I really really needed these for the holidays ^_^ and... of course a bikini! I didn't find a pic of my bikini, but it's the first pic model but with the colors of the second bikini (I'm totally not complicating things :D )

Now we're moving on to clothes♥

I bought a cute dress from SupremeBeing. I didn't know thebrand, but I really fell in love with this dress. Definitely a brand to remember!

I also bought a cool T-shirt from Ragwear. I used to hate this brand, because in the beginning, they were like a knock off version of Carhartt. But now, it seems that they've really developed a unique style! I've only found a pic of the white version, which, in my opinion, doesn't do justice at all to my black T-shirt version!

In the sales, I also bought a cute top from Miss Sixty, a polo from Fred Perry, some basic tops from Vero Moda and an amazing top from Superdry!

Vero Moda: I've bought these tops in every single color posible, they're great basics to match!

The Superdry top♥ I'm so in love with this brand! I really like the vintage vibe!

I also bought three vintage T-shirts, two of Elvis Presley♥ and one of Mexico. Vintage shirts are really my favorite pieces to wear, they're just so effortlessly cool♥

And I also added a jeans and beige trousers from Esprit to my collection

And I bought two Bjorn Borg undies and tops, there are so comfy♥ Seriously, I'm in love with them ^_^ This isn't the exact undies that I bought, but it comes close though.

And last but not least... my mom gave two really cool things to me:

The Purple Gold Triwa watch♥

Aaaaaaaand the Dior Lace Poudrier Dentelle Illuminating Lace-Effect Powder!! I'm soooooo glad with this! I've wanted it for ages, and when I finally had the money, it was nowhere to find since it was a limited edition. You can imagine how happy I was when my mom did found it, and just gave it to me! You're the best, mom♥ !!

The details are so pretty! I almost didn't dare to use it, because I don't wanna ruin the lace part♥ ^_^ It really gives you a nice glow and I mean, it gives you sparkles! Without being a vampire... I couldn't resist, I'm sorry ^_^

Man, when I see all the stuff I've been buying, I kinda feel bad for wanting to go shopping again =)

Waka Waka

Together with Beyonce, Shakira is my favorite singer. I absolutely love her music and on top of that, she's one of those artists who're truly making effort to make this world a happier place. Shakira tweeted this next clip, and it's just too cute for words!

Ashley Greene for Asos

As you may already know, I'm totally in love with the whole Twilight franchise ^_^

This clip is from Ashley Greene's photoshoot. And as always she looks great♥ And so does Marlo, her cute pooch♥

Lo siento !!

Sorry sorry sorry for the lack of updates :( I was so glad when the holidays started, to make up my disappearance act on my blog. But boy, little did I know! Turns out, I've got even less time to blog during the holidays, but I'll do my best from now on!

Things have been crazy lately: I graduated cum laude from university, I got an internship in Almería, Spain (which I've accepted of course :D ) and I'm going to study to México next year!

Now more on a fashion note, I'm dying to buy the YSL Arty Ovale Ring

I've been literally obsessed with this ring! I've always loved rings with big stones, and during the years I've gathered a pretty nice collection. Every time when I go on holidays, I'm searching for pieces that could expand my collection. But this baby would be the key piece♥
Anyone interested in buying it for me? Pretty please♥ ^_^