Friday, July 23, 2010

Summer Shoplog

Finally I've found the time to make a shoplog. During the exams, my mom always comforts me by taking me on shopping trips, and I gotta say, it really pays off ^_^
These are my purchases from june and july =)

I know Birkenstocks aren't the most flattering sandals, but I just fell in love with their comfort =) Whenever my feet are way to aching from stiletto abuse, I put these honeys on and the pain magically disappears ^_^ I liked both pairs, so my sweet mother gave them to me. What?! Birkenstocks are an investment! Whatever... ^_^

And in the sales, I bought Tommy Hilfiger shoes. I couldn't find a pic of my shoes, but they look a lot like these (although mine are completely white and much more beautiful :D) They're so comfy♥

I also bought these incredible Roxy sandals, I was looking for that kind of sandals for ages! I'm absolutely in love with them, I'm wearing them all the time♥ I especially love the details on the ankle!

And I couldn't resist buying flipflops either ^_^ But I really really needed these for the holidays ^_^ and... of course a bikini! I didn't find a pic of my bikini, but it's the first pic model but with the colors of the second bikini (I'm totally not complicating things :D )

Now we're moving on to clothes♥

I bought a cute dress from SupremeBeing. I didn't know thebrand, but I really fell in love with this dress. Definitely a brand to remember!

I also bought a cool T-shirt from Ragwear. I used to hate this brand, because in the beginning, they were like a knock off version of Carhartt. But now, it seems that they've really developed a unique style! I've only found a pic of the white version, which, in my opinion, doesn't do justice at all to my black T-shirt version!

In the sales, I also bought a cute top from Miss Sixty, a polo from Fred Perry, some basic tops from Vero Moda and an amazing top from Superdry!

Vero Moda: I've bought these tops in every single color posible, they're great basics to match!

The Superdry top♥ I'm so in love with this brand! I really like the vintage vibe!

I also bought three vintage T-shirts, two of Elvis Presley♥ and one of Mexico. Vintage shirts are really my favorite pieces to wear, they're just so effortlessly cool♥

And I also added a jeans and beige trousers from Esprit to my collection

And I bought two Bjorn Borg undies and tops, there are so comfy♥ Seriously, I'm in love with them ^_^ This isn't the exact undies that I bought, but it comes close though.

And last but not least... my mom gave two really cool things to me:

The Purple Gold Triwa watch♥

Aaaaaaaand the Dior Lace Poudrier Dentelle Illuminating Lace-Effect Powder!! I'm soooooo glad with this! I've wanted it for ages, and when I finally had the money, it was nowhere to find since it was a limited edition. You can imagine how happy I was when my mom did found it, and just gave it to me! You're the best, mom♥ !!

The details are so pretty! I almost didn't dare to use it, because I don't wanna ruin the lace part♥ ^_^ It really gives you a nice glow and I mean, it gives you sparkles! Without being a vampire... I couldn't resist, I'm sorry ^_^

Man, when I see all the stuff I've been buying, I kinda feel bad for wanting to go shopping again =)