Friday, July 23, 2010

Lo siento !!

Sorry sorry sorry for the lack of updates :( I was so glad when the holidays started, to make up my disappearance act on my blog. But boy, little did I know! Turns out, I've got even less time to blog during the holidays, but I'll do my best from now on!

Things have been crazy lately: I graduated cum laude from university, I got an internship in Almería, Spain (which I've accepted of course :D ) and I'm going to study to México next year!

Now more on a fashion note, I'm dying to buy the YSL Arty Ovale Ring

I've been literally obsessed with this ring! I've always loved rings with big stones, and during the years I've gathered a pretty nice collection. Every time when I go on holidays, I'm searching for pieces that could expand my collection. But this baby would be the key piece♥
Anyone interested in buying it for me? Pretty please♥ ^_^

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