Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Crushes that seem to last forever: Seth Cohen/Adam Brody

I present you... Seth Cohen (The OC), played by Adam Brody and one of my oldest crushes ^_^

1. He's just smokin' hot. period.

2. He has the best sarcastic humor ever! Every single oneliner on the OC is one to remember!

3. He always wears the coolest clothes and he was working the geek look way before it became fashionable.

4. He's a loyal boyfriend to his childhood sweethart Summer.

5. He's a real family kinda guy.

6. He's part of the core four. Yes that means that you get friends with Ryan Atwood and Marissa Cooper. How cool is that ^_^

7. He has the coolest parents ever.

8. He has a plastic horse named Captain Oats.

9. He has the perfect music taste.

10. He invented Chrismukkah ^_^

11. His comic book (or do I have to say 'graphic novel) obsession is just too cute.

12. Adam Brody loves Ray Ban.

13. Adam Brody is a dog person.

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