Monday, April 26, 2010

Series to die for: Ally McBeal

When I was young, I used to watch to Ally Mcbeal, but I wasn't a huge fan. But a couple of years ago, I bought the complete series for almost no money and began to watch from the beginning. O M G. Ally Mcbeal has to be one of the best series ever! I love the sarcastic humor, the fishisms, Ally's neurotic behaviour and love troubles o so much!

And man, Ally had her share of love troubles with some really hot guys ^_^ This is my top 3 of favorite Ally McBeal men:

On three, there's Victor Morrison aka Hot Plumber aka Jon Bon Jovi. He's Ally's last boyfriend on the show, and he was such a sweetheart. Hence the problem, Ally doesn't want sweet and easy, but passionate and impossible love!

On the second place is Billy Thomas, Ally's childhood sweetheart. I love seeing Billy and Ally together, but face it, Billy has been a douchbag to her: dumping her to marry Georgia (read: Barbie), confessing that he still loves her when she's in a happy relationship, and eventually dying immediately after he confessed in the court room that she is and always be his one and only love. Although I've watched this scene already a thousand times, I still cry like crazy when I see it =) But still, Billy will be Billy, he's just so charming and you can see that he cares so deeply for Ally. It's so obvious that he's still hurting over the fact that he left her, only because he thought it's impossible to find true love at age seven.

When Billy died, I almost stopped watching. I'm so glad I didn't, otherwise I wouldn't have witnessed the most beautiful and hartbreaking relationship from the show, the relationship of Ally and Larry that is. Until the day of today, I'm still in love with Larry Paul, portrayed by Robert Downey Jr. I was/am so obsessed with his sexy black glasses, his witty comments and his amazing piano and singing qualities! To me (and Ally), he's mister perfect. When he sings, I just melt away (and even more when he's joined in a duet by Sting himself). He was just so funny and caring! I hope that one day, I'll experience such a passionate love like they did. Unfortunately, Mr Downey was addicted to drugs back then, so his character was written out of the show. Damn you Robert! Rumor has it that if this wouldn't have happened, Ally would have married him and they would've been happily ever after. But this obviously didn't happen, thank you Robert, and Larry left her instead to be with his son. Poor Ally =(

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