Friday, April 30, 2010

Cute celebrity babies

I love babies and little children o so much! Whenever someone around me is pregnant, or someone in my favorite series for that matter, I'm longing for a kid of my own. Ofcourse, I'm way to young (in my opinion) right now, but that doesn't mean that I can't dream away about cute little ones ^_^ One of my favorite sites is, they follow every step of the most famous cuties and their parents. A couple of days ago, I read on this site that Sandra Bullock had adopted a baby boy whos name is Louis Bardo Bullock.

I mean O MY GOD, this has to be the cutest baby ever! He's so perfect! I'm so glad for Sandra, I really hope that this little man can bring her the joy that she deserves. She's going to make a great mom!
Although there are so many cute celeb kids, I kinda have my favorites. I really like Olive Fisher (mom: Isla Fisher, dad: Sasha Baron Cohen)

But my favorite is Harlow Winter Kate Madden (mom: Nicole Richie, dad: Joel Madden) She's so damn cute! She's really the spitting image of her mother! I love her cute curls, and ofcourse the tutu ^_^ I know that many people don't like her name, but I kinda love it. Her baby brother also got a cool name: Sparrow James Midnight Madden

They are like the coolest family ever! How cute is Harlow in this pic =) and little Sparrow will be a total heartbreaker, I can tell already ^_^

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