Sunday, July 20, 2014

Instagram me : May

I have totally neglected my blog these last months, but I have a valid reason! I was so busy at work that when I came home at night, the last thing I wanted to do was to blog about my boring life. Ok, that isn't a valid reason, but I'm back babies! And to celebrate my return, I'll show you what went on in my life through the filters of instagram :

My favorite flower Blauwe regen (literally Blue Rain) at my parents' house

In May we celebrated the birthday of the most beautiful mexicana whom I can call one of my best friends! Feliz cumpleaños Giannina!

My favorite candy

Calavera earrings ♥

In love with my kimono. And yes, I totally woke up like this.

 Magnum + crème brûlée = heaven

Healthier than this you won't see around me.

Conversations with the bestie ♥
The rest of the pictures are taken in Kopenhagen, I'll do an extra post about my little trip :)

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