Sunday, November 28, 2010

OC Episodes that will make you weep!

Inspired by's TV Tearjerkers, I wanted to share a range of episodes from some of my favorite series that made me cry like a baby. But when I started to look over my favorite cry moments from the OC, I realized that I've already got plenty of material with the OC alone :) So I'll dedicate later another post to my other series :) But anyhow, I present the OC moments that made me lose it completely (always accompanied by the most heart touching music ever, that now are a household name in my mp3):

10. Ryan carrying Marissa on the tones of Into Dust from Mazzy Star

9. Seth and Marissa being the most lonely people in Newport

8. It's payback time for Marissa

7.Seth says goodbye to Anna

6. The end of Season 1

5. The Marissa and Ryan Goodbye Dance

4. Johnny's funeral (the song, "for the widows in paradise" from Sufjan Stevens, is one of my all time favs!)

3. The core four graduate (I don't know why, but graduation scenes always make me cry)

2. Marissa dies (for me, this symbolizes the end of the OC)

1. The end of the OC

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to take a nap after all that crying during the making of this post :)

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