Sunday, January 30, 2011

Vintage Natalie Portman: Straight A !

Including at the age of 14, Natalie was breathtaking, humble, intelligent, sweet, funny (many times without realizing it :D), totally cute and very witty! Okay, that were a lot of compliments :D How cool is it, by the way, that she was reading 'On the Road' :D I don't know why, but I like her voice so much, I could listen to her during hours without realizing :)And Alec Baldwin was very charming as well, may I say! I really loved him and Kim Basinger together, such a shame that it had to end like that. And poor Ireland, I mean, she's already got enough traumas because of her name!

What can I say, i just HEART♥ Natalie Portman, I've always have and I'll always will! And yes, she has some amazing teeth :D


  1. I'm so shocked at how she's stayed pretty much the same. A little more bubbly, but she looks the same and acts the same! WOW it makes me appreciate her even more

    great post


  2. Yeah, I'm thinking the same thing :) It just shows what a great and genuine person she is! xx


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