Sunday, May 19, 2013

In Time

I had absolutely no expectations when I began to watch this movie. Because let's be honest, Justin Timberlake is a great singer and performer, but up until now not an Oscar worthy actor. But since I'm a big Amanda Seyfriend fan, I decided to watch In Time.

And boy, did I like this movie ?! So original and so unexpected. In this movie, time is literally money. The currency is time. This movie caused me to think. If my time left on earth would be displayed on my arm, I think I would totally freak out and die because of the pressure :D

For me, the most memorable scene in the movie is when Justin's character wants to save his mother, played by the amazing Olivia Wilde, but arrives a second too late and sees his mother dying in his arm. It's the first time that Justin has convinced me with his acting, way to go! And although Olivia only has 10 minutes of screen time, she's the best actress of them all!

Ofcourse this movie is one big metaphor. You have to fight the system, when the system is discriminating and causing people to die. Actually, time is the currency as well in the real world. People who have money will live a long life. People who are poor and haven't the possibility to buy food or to find proper work, will eventually die. In Time makes me think about V for Vendetta. It only takes one courageous person who is determined to stand up for his rights (Oh yes, this is an allusion to Bob Marley), who is willing to fight the system, to change the world.

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