Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Adjustment Bureau

Since writing my thesis, I take a huge interest in science fiction. Not the Star Wars kinda science fiction. But the postapocalyptic, people being robots kinda science fiction. Before my thesis, I hated this genre. But since my thesis had a postapocalyptic, dictatorial element, I plunged myself into the genre. And since that moment, I took a particular interest in litterature (and movies) who give us a look in how things would be if we let technology take over humanity.

The Adjustment Bureau criticizes the Big Brother mentality and shows us that the human bound is more powerful than any high tech invention. I love when movies are based on the concept of "faith". I'm a huge believer of it myself.

This movie made me fall in love with Emily Blunt. She's such a great actress and how amazing is the chemistry she shares with Matt Damon?! A must see, this one!

And don't forget to fight for your ideals, for love... even if everybody else is against it. Always follow your heart.

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