Monday, June 21, 2010

Maybe you're already familiar with, but for those wo aren't:

With approximately 100 million questions answered every month, Formspring is giving people across the globe a new way to connect and express themselves. Just like a good conversation in person, Formspring helps our over 12 million users do what comes naturally: ask questions and give answers, about anything and everything. Our community is driven by a curiosity about what people think, what they know, where they’ve been, and what matters to them. From college students and interior designers to athletes, journalists, musicians and your friends and family: our community is made up of millions of people who all have something unique to share.

I think it's a great way to know eachother more in the blogger universe =) So if you wanna know something about me, just ask @ Mayflower33. I also made a widged so you can find it easily =) x


  1. great blog.
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  2. Yeah you should, it's fun =) x


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