Sunday, May 16, 2010

Whatever Katie wants

Katie Holmes and I go way back, yes I'm talking Dawson's Creek people ^_^ I was totally Team Joey but who wasn't?! She's like the perfect girl next, the classic beauty with the brains whose beautiful brown eyes has seduced every hot boy in Capeside (mmmmmmm Pacey, mmmmmmm Jack, mmmmmmm Charlie (eeew Dawson ^_^)).
And then enters Tom Cruise. In the beginning I was a fan of his work (I'm still a little in love with Maverick I guess) and I loved his relationship with Nicole Kidman (Far and Away was one of my favorite movies when I was little). But then the medias went crazy with all sorts of weirdo scientology stories and I began to dislike Tom. And for a moment, I did believe that Katie was sort of brainwashed by him (I mean, she looked like a slob), and that Suri was a spoiled brat because of the crazy Scientology parenting rules. But seeing pictures of the happy family (Suri has got to be the cutest (and most fashionable) kid ever) and movies like Valkyrie seduce me to be on team TomKat again. The final straw was when I saw this video of TomKat. I mean wow! Go Katie! She looks her sexy self again! Look at those moves! Love love love it!

Edit: I'm so sorry for the lack of updates! Another six days and I'm finally freed from the burdens of university =) so please, have patience with me =) x

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