Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Top 10 TV Moments

SOURCE: Popsugar

10. That SNL sketch with Tina Fey and the Biebs was priceless♥ Gotta love 'baby lady' Tina
9. O Sandy! You go girl :D Eat that, Jesse James!
8. Everything with Tina Fey is great, she's for sure one of my favorite female comedians ( I looooooooved Date Night, HI-LARIOUS♥)
7. I ♥ Country Gwyneth, totally looking forward to this movie! I really like her vocal timbre! And I'm kinda digging the whole country scene... I never imagined that I would ever say that:D
6. I always love it when Kanye does his thing, not music but fashion-wise!
5. O NPH, I'm always in for some Twilight allusions ^_^
4. What can I say, I sure ♥ the Handsome Men's Club: McDreamy, RPatz, and... o hi Josh! I really missed you! And the Ben and Jen spoof is so funny, it only enhances my girl crush on Jennifer Garner, she's the best♥
3. I can only encourage a Britney appearance on Glee. Because they rock. And she looks her old self again! You go, girl! (Actually, I'm a secretive Britney-fan... JUST KIDDING! :D)
2. I like it how Robert doesn't take himself too serious♥ It just confirms how my big crush on him is totally justified! And Emmett isn't the only one that makes a hot monkey man. Just sayin'.
1. Les is totally More. I was totally surprised by this one, in all the good ways! It shows that Tom can deliver some serious ass kicking and funny acting! That's the Tom Cruise that I love! It makes me forget all that scientology bullshit, and reminds me of great movies like Top Gun, The Last Samourai, Valkyrie and Interview with the Vampire. And yes, JLO was also good, she still shakes her bon-bon like no other from the block!

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