Saturday, May 5, 2012

Most Memorable TV Departures

10. Carol Hathaway in ER.
Doug and Carol reunite, pure bliss ♥

9. Gil Grissom in CSI.

True love ♥ I was so happy with this!

8. Doug Ross in ER.

Nooooo, George Clooney, noooo! Don't leave Carol! Don't leave me!

7. Sara Sidle in CSI.

When she reads that letter out loud,you just feel the pain and desesperation! One of my favorite scenes of CSI!

 6. Billy Thomas in Ally McBeal.

I cried. Why did Billy had to die?  I totally lost my confidence in first love here.

5. Susan Lewis in ER.

Why? Why? Why? Susan and Mark would have been so perfect together! I know this scene by heart!

4. Marissa Cooper in the OC.

Marissa was full of drama, but she was my favorite! The OC just wasn't the same anymore after her leaving.

3. Larry Paul in Ally McBeal.

I love Larry Paul. And I love Robert Downey Jr. But seriously? Why did he had to go junkie? Ally and Larry would have been married if Robert would have had his act together. True story! I'm still not over this :(

2. Jen Lindley in Dawson's Creek.

OK. I hated Jen in the beginning, I admit. But she kinda growed on me. When she made that video for her daughter, I couldn't hold myself together, so touching!

1. Mark Greene in ER.

I never cried as much in my life (due to a series, that is :D), as when Mark Greene died! Now, I can't listen to 'Over the Rainbow' without crying. True story.

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