Monday, May 21, 2012

My Londonian Loves :)

1♥ Lipsmackers and M&M's. All my friends know that I'm a serious M&M's addict, so I just couldn't help myself :)

2♥ I finally discovered Primark, hoorrrray!

3♥ And Forever21!

4♥ And I decided to go crazy and buy myself a scrub based on gold. I know. Decadent. I've lost it...

5♥ I'm so in love with my studded sneakers!

6♥ Stella McCartney underwear! Starting from now, I'll only buy Stella! I'm addicted!

7♥ What's in bag numéro 1?

I'm so over the moon crazy happy! ♥♥

8♥ And what's in bag numéro 2?

And last, but certainly not least, the love of my life, that I was eyeing on since forever! ♥♥

The photo I took from my precious Alexa Bag was blurry, and I'm kinda in a rush, so I took the photo that made me fall in love with this amazing Mulberry bag!

9♥ Since all my money was spent, I decided to settle on the Primark version of Alexander McQueen's Skull Scarf...

The real deal will be for a shopping trip in the future. As in: 2013! Because I'm totally broke right now :D But it's all worth it ♥

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