Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Instagram Me

After years of desperately longing, I finally got myself an iPhone. The iPhone 5 that is. She's my precious ♥ And since I'm finally able to get Instagram on my phone (damn you BlackBerry!), I've decided to post each month some of my personal pics! I hope you'll like it :) You can follow me at @Mayflower33

My precious pooch and her black bestie.

I was craving tacos al pastor. This was the next best thing.

Hermès goodies!

 Dinner in such a cool Turkish restaurant.

 My baby and my hotel flip flops :D
 The view of my stepsister's new appartment
 Loesje :)


 In love with the interior of restaurant Falstaff in Kortrijk!

 My precious ♥

 Oh México, how I miss thee ♥

 Birthday cocktails at a Cuban bar!

My collegue has the cutest daughter ever ♥

I went to the first liveshow from SYTYCD ♥

 Went for some Chinese food with my beautiful mother ♥

My new studded babies from Steve Madden ♥

Stealing interior ideas from Ikea. And longing for stuffed golden retrievers and rabbits.

 And to add some variety, another two pictures of my love :D


  1. the pic's are so beautiful :-)
    I'm wondering for the next ones
    showed my love


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