Saturday, August 9, 2014

Kopenhagen : Day 3

On the third day, I decided to do something I already wanted to do for a long time : dipdye my hair :)
I was so happy with the result! ♥
After that we continued to roam around Copenhagen. I'm obsessed with all the pretty graffiti out there♥

I just love to discover a city without a purpose, that's when you discover the most beautiful spots. Like the garden of Copenhagen library, my favorite spot ♥

I was wearing an Urban Outfitter top 

After our picknick at the garden, we visited another church. I really love the fact that elephants are incorporated everywhere!

After that we indulged in the best pastries ever! How good does this look, seriously! ♥

That day we also went to Christiania, a hippy community that acts like a independent state in Copenhagen. You can read its history here. Unfortunately it's forbidden taking pictures inside the community, so this is all I got :D

After that, we cooked some delicious tacos to go with our SATC marathon :)


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