Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Instagram Me : July

I hate being sick. Being sick in high school was kinda nice, you stayed away from school and watched movies whole day long. But being sick as an adult, means not been able to go to work. If that wasn't enough already, I'm supposed to go on holiday tomorrow. I was totally looking forward to it, but I really feel like crap. Hopefully, the Spanish sun will heal me in no time... For the time being I give you an Instagram peek in what went on in July (I know, I've been a lousy blogger)...

In July, the worldcup madness continued, with special pies ofcourse!

I got some amazing new earrings, you rock Net à Porter!

My fav combo: ribs and fries...

July was festival month! Rock Werchter was awesome ♥ I'm even more obsessed with Birdy and Lykke Li('s amazing tattoos) now! Here are some (muddy) impressions of the festival:

 Can we please talk now about the genius that is Stella McCartney? I'm practically living in this robe now ♥

I have the coolest job ever! One of my coworkers hired an icecream van for his birthday. Best idea ever!

 Just another selfie...

After Werchter, I thought festival season was over for me. But boy, did I thought wrong. One week before the beginning, I got an email that I could go to Tomorrow Land. FINALLY! I had totally given up, but one week later, I finally experienced the madness ♥


Hopefully until next year, Tomorrow Land! ♥

In July I also went to my very first baby shower, so much fun!

Most yum collaboration: D&G and Magnum

And to end with, some selfies with the fam ♥

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