Saturday, October 25, 2014

Instagram Me : August

Now that Autumn has started, I'm totally craving sunny weather again :(

Benefit of living at the countryside? Amazing sky portraits ♥

I'm in love with my new pyjama shirt from Copenhagen ♥

A colleague of mine is a die hard vegan, so I went to one of her vegan diners to try out. I gotta say that the girl can cook!

You know you're still a kid when you buy cookies you don't even like, just because it comes with Wonder Woman stuff :)

Party with my Mexican posse ♥

Birthday party for the most handsome Mexican out there: te queremos Sebastian!

Get in my tummaaay

Breakfast for champions!

Mexican fashion is the best ♥

Art in Ghent ♥

Chihuahua selfie!

Mexican deliciousness!

Babyshower Ella María

Mis chingones ♥

Mommy love

Pigeons chillin' yo

Reunited with mi taxqueña linda ♥

She gave me the best present ever! silver earrings from Taxco!

How my colleague revealed the gender of her baby ♥

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