Sunday, October 26, 2014

Instagram Me : September

Another Instagram post, I hope I don't bore you with these posts...

A friend of mine had the genius idea to make her own twix... Best idea ever! ♥
 And one of my coworkers said she makes the best tiramisu, so I obviously had to be the judge of this :D And boy, she didn't lie! Tiramisu with speculoos is the best! ♥

 My mom knows me allright... She brought home these nailpolishes for me after her business trip!

Another Mexican party... ♥

Family is the most important thing in life ♥ We had a family diner in a castle, so nice! How cute is my nephew? ♥


Autumn means : huge spiders everywhere. Help me please :(

Klaaskoeken, one of the perks of winter ♥

Another perk? Kermis and oliebollen! My country has the best food :D

My sweet niece ♥

One of my favorite weekend activities? Quality time breakfast with mom!

Another selfie...

Piano and Ally McBeal soundtrack at the airport ♥

Two souvenirs from Almería! I'll dedicate an entire post to my trip to Spain ♥

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