Sunday, November 2, 2014

Instagram Me : October

Time flies... I can't imagine it's November already! Goodbye October, you have been good to me!

In October we did teambuilding with the d'Arta team, I'm obsessed with funball! ♥

October was also the month that marked my first professional photoshoot. And let me tell you, I LOVED IT! At first I was a bit nervous, but after ten minutes it felt so natural. I guess I missed my calling haha! I'm gonna dedicate a whole post to my shoot, but this is a little preview...

After so many years, I finally went to a Kaiser Chiefs concert again! They still rock as much like in their beginning years ♥

I'm obsessed with my colleague's son, he's so damn cute! We love you Luigi! ♥

Autumn means that I'm treated again with beautiful skies!

I celebrated my birthday (I'm getting old you guys :/) in Ghent and it was deliciously amazing :) I totally miss my favorite student spots ♥

Going strong since high school ♥

Macarons and Olympia Le Tan? Perfect bday gift ♥

My favorite guilty pleasure : stroopwafels ♥

 Finally put my tosti maker to a good use! Pesto + mozarella = heaven!

Currently obsessed with red lips ♥

Mexican home parties are the best ♥

Sinterklaas is only a month away, which means chocolate everywhere! I love my country ♥

Occasionally, I eat healthy too!

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