Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Club de Cuervos

Another advantage of having netflix? Being able to watch Club de Cuervos ♥ I'm so obsessed with this series, which takes in Mexico. When I watch Club de Cuervos (and I already watched it twice), it's just like I'm in Mexico. It just breathes Mexico. Gaz Alazraki is the creator. Yes, as in the writer who created Nosotros los Nobles, my favorite Mexican movie :) It's just so funny and recognizable. And the actors are hilarious. There are some familiar faces, like Luis Gerardo Méndez as Chava Iglesias. And let's not forget about the love of my life: Ianis Guerrero! Although I like him more as Lucho, he does a good job as Moisés in the series. A new revelation to me? Mariana Treviño. I'm so obsessed with her portrayal of Isabel "Chabela" Iglesias. Lady boss for president! If I would know Mariana in real life, we would totally be bff's, she's soooo cool! It's simple, you have to watch Club de Cuervos.n Normally I couldn't care less about football, but when the Cuervos were making their comeback... I cried like a little baby... CUERVOS, CUERVOS!!


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