Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Since LOTR, I'm a huge Viggo Mortensen fan. He's my ultimate guy crush. First of all, he's so. freakin. hot. He really looks like he can take care of you when you're stranded on an island. Or in the desert. Or in the rainforest. It doesn't matter where, Viggo will take care of you. But that's not all, LOTR already showed us that he's got an amazing voice. Can you imagine being serenated by him? *swoon* And he's a painter too! Sigh. Not to forget what an amazing actor he is. I swear that I haven't seen a single movie with him that I didn't like. He really got a talent to pick roles that will leave an impact. The latest Viggo movie I've seen is Hidalgo. I'm already a sucker for movies based on true stories. Add an amazing story about the bound between man and animal and a touch of native american history and bam... you got yourself an incredibly beautiful movie. One of the better movies I've seen this year!

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