Friday, March 4, 2011

Mac + Wonder Woman

I was so excited when I first heard about MAC's newest Wonder Woman collection. I love Wonder Woman. No, change that into ADORE Wonder Woman. Each time I find a Wonder Woman T-shirt while shopping, I have to buy it. With great dismay of my mother, who thinks it's a tad childish. Wonder Woman so isn't childish, mom! :D

So anyhow, when I've found out about the MAC collaboration, I was going bananas and I wanted to buy

The Utility Belt Brush Face Brush Set

The Utility Belt Brush Eyes Brush Set

The Wonder Woman Hand Mirror

But now that the moment has arrived, I think I'll just buy myself the Russian Red Lipstick (left),

because I've got the feeling that I'm more drawn to the pretty pictures

than to the actual products!

SOURCE: Temptalia

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  1. Love this collection. But agreed on the whole amazing packaging thing. Although I am in need of a new hand mirror!xx


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