Thursday, July 21, 2011

30 photos

I hope you aren't bored yet with al my "personal" posts, but this one will be the last one, I promise!

So I really liked the 30 pictures post from Runway Hippie, and I wanted to give it a try myself! Enjoy :)

1. Someone I spend a lot of time with

2. A picture of myself

3. A picture of someone in my family

4. A picture of something that makes me happy

5. An old picture of myself

6. A picture of my siblings

7. A picture i’ve never posted on my blog before

8. A picture of a person that I miss

9. A a picture of a relative of mine

10. A picture of my favorite place

11. A person I can tell everything to

12. A picture of my everyday life

13. A picture from a place that I love

14. A picture that reminds me of old times

15. A picture of a friend from my childhood

16. A picture of myself

17. An unusual picture

18. A picture of my spare time

19. A picture I’m satisfied with

20. A picture of the people closest to me

21. A person who’s always there for me

22. A picture from a time that I miss

23. A picture from last summer

24. A picture that makes me sad

25. A person who always makes me happy

26. Someone I’m always having fun with

27. A picture I always laugh about

28. A crazy picture

29. Most recent picture of myself

30. Someone I will never let go of


  1. giiiiirrrllll i love these personal picture posts! whyyyyy does it have to be the last one?! looks alot like my life! dog, friends, family.....what more does one girl need in life?! much love darlin!

    ashley <3

  2. I like your personal posts :) this one in particular xx

  3. You're so nice to me, gracias! xx


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