Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Closet Confessions: Giuliana Rancic

G is one of my favorite E! hosts, I love that gal and her quirkyness :D And I obviously love E! So I was pleased to find Giulana's Closet Confessions, straight from her E! dressing room! Could you die? Yes G! And I also love a classic pair of Loubs, what a coincidinc :D And I loooove her playful banter with Ryan Seacrest, even when he's not there :) And how funny is Jose : tits has a beter rhythm :D And Guiliana is hilarious: Sorry SJP :D She's right though, what a crappy dress!

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  1. Haha so great. I love Jose! "We don't say tits in America we say breasts!"

    I love how she has flats for being next to Ryan and heels for when she's on her own! i'm so looking out for that on E!xx


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