Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Mexico Day 1 : DF - Mexico City

So my first destination in Mexico was Ciudad de México, Mexico City. I stayed at my friend's house for the weekend...

Mexico never ceases to surprise me: a tree in the middle of the road, like a boss! :D

The day started perfectly. The family of my friend took me to Vips for breakfast, where I finally ate my favorite waffles again ♥

I'm so obsessed with piñatas, I can't believe I've never had one on my birthday(yes, this is a hint)

Then we went for my fav: tacos al pastor

We went strolling in my favorite neighborhood in Mexico City : Coyoacán. They were prepping everything for Christmas ♥

Me and my friend!

Coyoacán, home place of Frida Kahlo ♥

 I ofcourse had to eat my favorite: paleta de maracuyá ♥ I'm so obsessed with them that my Mexican friends call me Loreta paleta :)

And the perfect day asked for the perfect end : Palomitas con salsa de valentina! It's impossible to be on a diet in Mexico! 

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