Sunday, January 12, 2014

Instagram Me : November

Woops, that blogger hiatus took a little longer than expected. But I have a good excuse: Mexico, Christmas, New Year, work... But now I'm back in business, baby! Happy 2014 ♥

To celebrate the new year, I share my favorite Instagram moments from November!

Yummy food ♥

One day at Paris ♥

New goodies from Paris ♥

I miss my baby so much :'(

Quiche is becoming one of my specialties!

My Mexican loves ♥

Dessert ♥

Going crazy at So You Think You Can Dance with mini me :)


Brugge in winter time ♥

My baby love ♥

And the last picture of the sweetest and most beautiful dog from the whole world, rest in peace my angel ♥

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