Friday, January 31, 2014

México Day 6 : Oaxaca

On day 6, I took the plane to Oaxaca capital, visiting an old friend who lived in the same house as I did in Puebla. He's the sweetest, look at my welcome gift ♥

While strolling in the city centre, we saw a bridal party going on in the streets! It was the coolest thing ever, I wish I could have such a wedding: the colors, the dancing... ♥

We went shopping and at one shop, the cutest little girl ever was trying to sell me a blouse. Ofcourse I bought a ton of stuff, I couldn't resist that face :D

Oaxaca has the most amazing churches!

I'm such a sucker for Mexican art, skulls are everywhere ♥

And if there's one thing I love, it's mexicanos with sombreros. It's my weak spot, what can I say...
Shirt : Zara // Sunnies : Ray Ban

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