Saturday, February 1, 2014

México Day 7 : Oaxaca, the wedding.

On my second day in Oaxaca, I wake up because someone was banging my door. At 7 o'clock. I wasn't amused. Turns out that the singers arrived to sing for la virgen. Mexicans are very religious and la virgen is everything for them, even more important than Jesus! Although the national virgen is la Virgen de Guadalupe, there are lots of other vírgines as well. The family of my friend particularly prays to la virgen de Juquila. I was so honored to have witnessed this tradition, it's a moment I'll cherish forever.

After that it was time to get pretty, because I was invited to go to a wedding. So cool to see how diferent weddings are in Mexico. And let me tell you, the best parties are in Mexico ♥

I'm so happy to call these people my Mexican family. Never I have seen a family more united and more loving than the Reyes Family ♥

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