Thursday, February 13, 2014

México Day 11 : Puerto Escondido

Before (finally!) heading to the Coast of Oaxaca for some well needed beach days, we went for lunch at this amazing hacienda where they had a buffet of all the Mexican food you can think of. I stayed there for 3 hours, enough said...

In Puerto Escondido, I stayed at my friend's rancho, where I immediately fell in love with this handsome guy ♥

I'm always in my element at the beach and I hope that one day, I'll be living in a house on the beach in Oaxaca, México... ♥

Never mind my weird looking eye on the bikini pic. A stupid zancudo bit me in the eye, and I was half blind for 2 days u_u

I absolutely fell in love with Oaxaca Coast: the stunning beaches, the happy people, the music and dance, the food. Oh yes, the food! It's amazing how easily I got used to dine at the beach every day! ♥

And if that wasn't enough already, Oaxaca has the best sunsets ♥

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