Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Grease anno 2014

Back in January, my parents and I went to the musical version of Grease. I was so excited about it. What I didn't know was that this was a seriously modernized version of Grease : The Arena Spectacular. I gotta admit, I was kinda disappointed. As the biggest Grease fan ever, I'm obsessed with every little detail. So you can only imagine my frustration when I found out that the musical only follows the big lines of the movie : goodbye 50's costumes! But not everything was bad. Sandy (Mexicana Lorena Peril) is an amazing singer and dancer. My other favorite was the Italian girl who played Rizzo. The biggest turn off? Danny Zuko. The new Danny Zuko can't sing and can't dance, HORRIBLE! I wouldn't recommend going to this musical if you're a big fan as myself. Otherwise, it's kinda entertaining.

 Personally, I prefer to forget this musical. To me, Grease still is the word. John Travolta was my first big Hollywood crush and I wanted to be Sandy so badly, up until this day ♥ And yes, I'm still convinced that Olivia and John had a relationship at the time! Just look at these photos, what a chemistry they have ♥ In my opinion, you can see when actors are having the time of their lives on set, and there's no doubt that the cast of Grease were a big family at the time! Triple threat cast, epic music and 50' costumes : Grease will always be my favorite ♥





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