Saturday, February 15, 2014

México Day 12 : the sunset

Every morning spent on the rancho, I played with the sweet dogs there ♥

 At noon we stopped by the river. This is not the kind of rivers we have in Belgium! I was amazed by the view ♥

 Top : Urban Outfitters

 After our quick stop by the river, we went to discover yet another beach, this one came with a laguna as well ♥

Ok. I guess this were a lot of bikini pictures :D 

In Mexico, I developped a new addiction, but it's a healthy one, don't worry! Before Mexico, I hated coconuts, I thought it had the worst taste ever. Until I tasted a fresh coconut in Oaxaca. Pure bliss! ♥

 After this we raced against time to witness the sunset. This was the most magical moment of my life. I still can't believe that I witnessed this ♥


 At night I went out with my sister from another mister ♥

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