Monday, February 24, 2014

México Day 17 : Turtles and crocodiles

On my last day, we went to a rescue center for turtles. It's so sad to see how turtles are becoming very ill because of us, human beings : poisoned, blind, mutulated turtles who are slowly dying. Thank god for this rescue centre that tries to save them, unfortunately with very limited resources. The giant turtle is such a majestic animal, it was the first time that I've seen one in real life.

Next up? Going on a little boat in a laguna to spot some crocodiles. I have to admit, I was so so soooo afraid. First of all, I fucking hate crocodiles. I don't trust them, I don't wanna see them, I don't even wanna know they exist. Secondly, Mexicans will do everything to take photographs and it makes them forget the danger. Every time we saw a crocodile, everybody in the boat was moving to one side, which almost made the boat go down. Fortunately I was screaming at the top of my lungs to bring them back to reality. Five times. I do have to admit that I've seen some pretty awesome things, but never ever I'll be back on that boat again. I have only one photo to show you where I don't look absolutely frightened :D It's one of my favorite photos from my Mexico trip ♥

After that, we went to the beach for the very last time, to enjoy the most beautiful sunset I've every witnessed in my life. All of the following photos are #nofilter ♥

These photos make me cry. That moment right there was so unreal, spent with my best friends. Miss them so much ♥

But what would a last night in Mexico be without a real fiesta mexicana? Nada! I have a huge obsession with Mexican skulls, calaveras. I was so happy when I found the most amazing graffiti art ♥

I love it when there are spontaneous dance parties in the street ♥

Finally, I wanna give a MAJOR shout-out to the Family Reyes, who treated me as one of their own. This is a major family throwback of them, how cool is this photo? ♥

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