Friday, July 10, 2015

Bridesmaid casual

If they would ask me to describe my fashion style, I would say that I like to dress like a preppy bohemian rockstar. This description seems like a complete contradiction (actually it doesn’t seem, it totally is), but what can I say… I just like to clash styles because it just gives that something special and original to your daily outfit. Anyhow...  This weekend I rewatched the movie 27 dresses. Yes, the one with Katherine Heigl wearing ugly bridesmaid dresses. Fortunately, the days of hideous frocks are over and tons of fashionable dresses are be found! On Weddington Way for example, where you can select your dress based on color, length and style. How cool is that?! These dresses are so pretty that you'll want to wear them again and again and again. And why not?   
Life doesn’t give us sufficient occasions to dress glamorously (I don’t mean glam, but all the way Hollywood glamorous). Therefore I started to dress glamorous in normal situations, scaling it down enough to be acceptable in daily life. And let me tell you, I’m the queen of dressing down a fancy outfit.

My favorite look to go to a wedding, and for those hot summer days spent strolling in the city, is hands down a maxi dress. I just love the mysterious vibe of the maxi and let’s be honest… A maxi dress always looks chiquer than a mini dress. So choosing a dress was a no brainer for me: 

When you want to dress down, hair and accessoires are key.
Last week I had to attend a very casual wedding and I didn't want to put the bride in the shade (just kidding... actually I'm not ;) ...) and I found the perfect hair inspiration to dress my outfit down:
 You can't go more boho than this  
 Next up? Make up!
I would totally opt for dark nails to break with the romantic vibe of the dress.

My favorite? Rouge Noir from Chanel:
And killer lips to match... My favorite is definitely Mac, hands down the best lipstick out there. This particular shade is Dark Side:
Since we're going with bold lips here, I would recommend a soft, natural look for the eyes.
Another crucial part of the outfit are the accessories ofcourse. To rough this outfit up, I would go for a killer statement necklace and earrings, like these ones that I found on The Outnet... I'm so obsessed with Elizabeth Cole these days: really stand out pieces for a reasonable price:
But what about the shoes? If you would wear this dress to a wedding, I would scream: put some killer high heels on! But today it's about dressing down, so flat sandals are a must, like these Michael Kors ones:
 Ok, we're almost there... When you attend a wedding, you see clutches everywhere. But you gotta admit... Clutches in real life simply don't work, because where do you leave your keys, cellphone, wallet, chewing gums, etc... ? Insert the bags of all (casual) bags: Mulberry's Alexa bag:
Last but not least, the ultimate piece that can't be missing in your wardrobe and one of my personal favorites when dressing down: the denim shirt. Perfect for those long summer nights

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