Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Diane Kruger on Lopez Tonight

How hot can one be?! Or as George puts it: she's funkelnhot :D AND she's funny! You go, Diane! She truly is one of my favorite actresses out there: beauty, brains and wits, she's just perfect♥ And I'm such a sucker for the German accent♥ I so have to spruce up my German, that I've been neglecting for 5 years now, due to my hispanic studies. Although I'm not German, I'm actually kinda proud that Diane is from Europe♥ And how cute is that picture of Josh and her, they're like the cutest (and most handsome) couple ever♥ I loved the fact that Lopez began to talk about Dawson's Creek :D And ofcourse, I even loved it more, when George began to sing THE SONG♥

I still loooooove that song so much, haha, makes me think about the good, old times :) I can't believe Diane didn't see the show. But now, she can see for herself how bloaded and pimply Josh was with the complete collection of Dawson's Creek! :D You gotta love George Lopez :D

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